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Bad car parts damage car Choose filter carefully

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太阳集团2020登录网址  The true and false auto parts and components for non-auto repair industry, it is really difficult to distinguish between true and false! In the current market, counterfeit and shoddy goods are rampant. The appearance of inferior products is almost the same as that of genuine products. Many counterfeit oils are not able to tell whether they are genuine or not on the Internet. Many car owners have caused damage to other parts of their cars in order to save costs. Necessary loss!

太阳集团2020登录网址Harmful oil filter

1. The poor quality filter paper of inferior oil filter is difficult to achieve the filtering effect required by automobile engines, and the filter area is smaller than the oil filter of original spare parts, which has poor filtration efficiency and short service life.

太阳集团2020登录网址2. Inferior oil filters often do not have bypass valves. Once the filter is clogged, the engine will not be able to obtain sufficient oil lubrication. In severe cases, the engine will cause timing skipping, burning of tiles, and even scrapping.

3, poor quality oil filter does not turn off after the suppression of oil return function, engine cold start when the mechanical wear increases, reducing engine life.

4, poor quality oil filter rubber seal material is poor, high temperature and high pressure seal deformation, resulting in an effective seal, so that oil leaks.

The harm of poor fuel filters

太阳集团2020登录网址1. The filter used in inferior fuel filters is poor in material quality and has poor filtering effect. Impurities in gasoline can easily clog the fuel injectors, resulting in increased fuel consumption, engine jitter, and serious damage to the fuel injectors!

2. Inferior petrol filter will make the oil supply pressure unstable and the oil pressure too low or too high. Low oil pressure The engine is difficult to start, the vehicle power is insufficient, the high oil pressure will cause incomplete combustion of gasoline, high fuel consumption and easy to damage the three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor!

3, poor quality petrol filter filter is not resistant to corrosion of gasoline, after plugging off the oil, it will cause the engine can not start, the vehicle anchored, resulting in damage to the engine!

Harmful air conditioning filters

1, poor quality air conditioning filter filter material is hard, often using a single layer filter, easy to plug, and air permeability is not good!

太阳集团2020登录网址2. Poor air-conditioning filters use poor adhesive materials, are easy to crack and damage, and have a short service life; the distribution of activated carbon is not uniform, and toxic gases cannot be effectively filtered!

3, poor air conditioning filter filter dust and bad odor removal effect, harmful gases in the air into the car, causing damage to the human respiratory system, physical health affected!

太阳集团2020登录网址4, poor air conditioning filter is likely to cause dust and foreign matter accumulate in the evaporator, so that the car smell!

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